REISSUEDstyle takes shopping and turns it on its head.

We are taking your used up wears and recreating them entirely! We want your experience with us to be just that, a great EXPERIENCE!  

1.   Place your $30 deposit, fill out our questionnaire and ship your items to us.  It's important you take quick pics of yourself in each garment to ensure the best results! You will receive a confirmation email now to know your order is in our Que!

2.  Within 5 days of receipt you will be emailed a group of hand drawn sketches for each of your pieces. Each will be labeled with a LEVEL, indicating its price. 

3. Once you choose your sketch, you can now purchase the level. Be sure to get your deposit back by using discount code DEPOSIT. Within 30 days your pieces will arrive back looking modern, fashionable, and in some cases totally transformed.


Reissued creates one-of-a-kind pieces that truly transform lifeless clothing into fun, unassuming, high-style garments at affordable pricing
It’s a playful process that you can be involved in, while watching a well-oiled machine like Felicia rework your wardrobe from seasons past, with a unique and personalized twist
Her career as Head Designer for Lela Rose has groomed her to be a burning-well of creativity, refined with a savvy business mind